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  1. work jointly on an activity, especially to produce or create something.
    “he collaborated with a distinguished painter on the designs”


I am developing two new programs designed to help organizations work better with their Information Technology departments.  I see some pain points in many organizations I interact with.


Success Skills for Information Technology professionals

I see this play out for many professionals in Information Technology as their career develops.  The first few years they focus on developing technical skills and this serves them well initially.  Then they become a team leader or senior developer and these skills that they have developed aren’t all they need to continue to move forward.  In this workshop we will work with Information Technology professionals to develop their Success Skills.  These Success Skills include communication skills, developing a successful attitude, leading teams, and building your network.  Employers that invest in their team are rewarded with better morale and lower turnover rates.  If you have a team that would like to collaborate with me to develop this for free please contact me!


IT Whisperer

The rest of the organization needs help too, and we have just the workshop for them.  Many people get frustrated with the results their Information Technology department is giving them.  It can almost seem that each side is speaking a different language and they need someone to help translate.  In this workshop we take people through how to work effectively with the Information Technology department and get results.  We review their pet peeves and how to avoid these problems in the future.  I can help your team start collaborating with the IT Guys!  Let’s work together to help you and me to develop this course for free please contact me!


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