Help I’m stressed out!

What do you do when you are stressed out at work?  I like to get up and walk around.  Perhaps go outside for a walk and clear my head.  Sometimes when you think you should tie yourself to your desk and slog through it, I find just some simply deep breaths  can do the trick.

Along with ways to relieve the stress we need to dig deep and understand what is causing the stress and anxiety.  Are you trying to do too much at work?  Did you say “Yes” to another volunteer activity?  I like to listen to Michael Hyatt’s podcast and he often talks about over commitment.  We need to always understand when we must say “No”.   Michael has lots of great experiences with pushing too hard as he was once CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing.  We each have daily commitments for work, family and many other activities.  Have you reviewed what you did in one day and determined, what area the commitment was from?  I like to do daily logs of activities and see if there is something that seemed urgent but wasn’t really important.

What is causing your stress?

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