Good Sunday prep makes a better Monday

How do you spend your Sunday night?  Do you enjoy some good TV?  I will watch a little but I do that sparingly.  I try to use Sunday night and every night to look ahead to what is coming tomorrow and a week ahead.  Sunday night is important time to get anything ready for the start of the week.  It is helpful to figure out what you need instead of getting into the office and forgetting something you might need or cause you to have to run late.  We have two kids in various activities and we need to have things organized of the wheels tend to fall off the cart pretty fast.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
― Benjamin Franklin

We talked a few days ago about being prepared for meetings.  Every day requires a little prep to.  I like to have my things ready for my morning workout.  This is similar to Michael Hyatt’s podcast on How to become a morning person.  We have to be prepared for anything to make it a better day.

Get ready for a great week!

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