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We have all heard the phrase “Go Getter”, usually in the context of describing someone’s initiative.  “Betsy the new sales executive is a real Go Getter! She has sold twice as many units as anyone else in her office!”  I am sure we would all like to be referred to as a go getter, but what exactly does the term mean?  I was recently listening to the EntreLeadership Podcast Episode 69 entitled, “Stop Wanting, Start Wining.”  This episode talks about how everybody that works at Dave Ramsey’s company reads the book, “The Go-Getter” by Peter B. Kyne.  The book teaches us the meaning of “Go-Getter” with a fictional tale.

This classic book teaches a critical success principle. Success in any area of your life requires that you decide that you will not be denied from reaching your goal. Everyone on my team is required to read this book.”  from Dave Ramsey

Peter B. Kyne was a novelist based in San Francisco, California.  He wrote the “Go-Getter” in 1921 soon after World War I.  The motivational parable centers around a WWI Veteran named Bill Peck.  Peck is looking for a job and comes to Cappy Ricks, the irascible founder of  Ricks Logging & Lumbering Company.  They give him a job although many question whether Peck will be any good at it.  He first proves himself by beating his quota and then he gets an additional challenge to find a blue vase.  The obstacles that are placed in his way to find this are quite amazing and he perseveres as war veteran who has been pushed extensively before.

In summary this book is a short read and moves quickly.  I picked up a version from our local library and it was under fifty pages, so I was able to read through it in short time.  Peck has many people who don’t believe he can do it, but that doesn’t derail his spirit.  There are many success principles taught in this short work so you need to pay attention.  It will be well worth your time to read and review how the story turns out.

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