Finding Success: Get what you really want

“You cannot truly get what you want if you are not first the person you want to be”

-Tom Eakin Finding Success

Earlier this year I got the chance to meet Tom Eakin and listen to his keynote at Celebrate Innovation Week at DMACC West Campus.  Tom shared some great stories and insights in his presentation where he covered some of the topics in his book Finding Success: Get what you really want.  So I made sure and got my hands on a copy of his book to check it out for myself.

Tom takes you into his life and explains how he had to determine his core values.  For each us this can be different and he makes us really think how we define success in our life.  A few crucial questions that he dealt with helped him better understand his life and goals.

GPS Theory

After spending time in the military Tom moved into a few private sector jobs.  He tried to lead change in various organizations and ran into roadblocks of people who resisted and thwarted the needed change.  Through these obstacles Tom discovered the Guided Personal Success (GPS) Theory as a model for decision making in any situation.  GPS Theory will keep you on your path to get what really want.  In the first part of the book Tom lays down the ground work of GPS Theory.  In the second portion he takes GPS Theory into some difficult situations to show us how we can find values driven success.

Define Success

The first stop in Tom’s process begins with define your version of success.  He describes how we need to use Values-Driven Success.  What is values driven success?  “Values-driven success is getting what you want AND being the person you want to be.”  This is a great way to bring it all together for people who may not have really thought deeply about success.  I know that really hit me and made me think about it.  Tom does a good job of making sure we draw out our values.  Tom has taken this definition to heart and started a company that helps others do this as well called BoomLife.

The Four Universal Results

Tom explains these four results and how the motivate all of us in different ways.  These four results serve as building blocks to our decision models.

Reward is an important result we seek for many situations.  As kids and adults we all crave rewards for our actions.

Status Quo symbolizes certainty for most us crave this state of neutrality.

Avoid Punishment is another thing we have all strived for since childhood.

Punishment is a negative outcome to any situation, the opposite of reward.

Core Values

To create true values-driven success we must define our core values.  Our true inspiration comes from our core values.  We need to keep our primary focus on these core values as we make decisions.  Tom shares many great stories of his time in the US Army and other stories of military personnel who have valued working and protecting the team.  I would suggest you pick up Finding Success and determine your core values.


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