Finding clarity in your life


Photo Credit: ecstaticist via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: ecstaticist via Compfight cc

For me the greatest beauty always lies in the greatest clarity.

Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

I am working through Michael Hyatt’s program 5 Days to the Best Year Ever, on Day One he talks about how we need to find Clarity.  We need to find clarity on what we are moving towards.  If we do not know, we can move in many directions not sure if we are making progress.  Success can not be found without it either.

We are responsible for finding clarity.

Clarity is not something that finds us we must find it ourselves.  We need to take ownership and find the time to decide on what our vision is of success.  We must remove the clouds of uncertainty of our lives and break from our murky thoughts and come clear on a vision.  If you have had confusion in the past about what you should do realize how much clarity you already have.

Reconcile those conflicting thoughts.

You have many thoughts a day, but you need to realize they are not all equivalent.  When get thoughts that conflict with your vision of success you need to create a list of your strengths to help you realize where the truth is.  We all get conflicting thoughts from our lizard brain, but we must be stronger than they are.

Create a environment of clarity.

Our environment can affect our thoughts.  If you are watching a lot of mind-numbing television or drifting through life you are not creating an environment of clarity.  What time wasting are you doing today?  Have been playing computer games or games on your phone?  Feed your mind with educational and inspirational programs.  You could learn that new language you have always wanted to learn instead of playing Angry Birds.  Are you fueling your body with nutritional food or living on a “Tos diet” (Fritos, Cheetos, and Doritos”).

Enlist the help of others.

It never hurts to find help from others.  There are numerous coaches and counselors out there that can give you guidance and advice on finding what is right for you.  Sometimes it is just helpful to talk it out with someone else.  The additional perspective can help us see what might be the most obvious answers that we don’t consider.

Capture your goals.

As Michael Hyatt instructs us in his program, we must write down our goals to help find the clear vision.  By putting it down on paper or in Evernote we can check them periodically.  I like first starting on paper as we need to decide what is most important for us and edit our goals before we are ready to commit to them.  Once we have them down we need to find a interval of time that we periodically review them.  Some people want to look at them everyday, Michael suggests we should have a weekly review where we look at our goals.

Have you found clarity in your life? What helped you find it?



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