Finding balance

How do you find balance with your life and your career?  I would say I have been pretty fortunate with my various stops in my career.  I have had to put in some long hours at times but, overall it has been good.  I know former co-workers who chased more money and got stuck working long days and weekends.  I always try to get a read from others on how a department or a company is.  Sometimes the project management can be non-existent and any completion dates are pulled out of the air.  When you work with people with a good understanding of the application that can aid in determining what features can take to complete.

Another important aspect of finding balance is taking that much needed vacation.  Getting away from the daily tasks can really help you in recharging your batteries.  It could be a simple as staying home and relaxing or perhaps flying away to beach.  We recently completed a two week trip to Singapore and Vietnam.  Learning about cultures that are completely different than yours can broaden ones perspective.  The way our Western culture relates to work and life is much different than they do in Vietnam.  We have a lot more material goods but, they have a much simpler life in some ways.

What is your way to find balance?2013-06-19-2 610

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