Figure it out

I was watching of all things Canadian Football a few weeks ago.   The halftime show had a special feature on one of the coaches for the running backs coach of the Montreal Alouettes.  His name is Mark Speckman, and he has no hands.  I thought that was interesting but I assumed he didn’t play football.  Well I was wrong Mark actually played high school and college football.  During the piece they showed him coaching the snapper’s in practice.  He can actually snap the football with great accuracy.

“Figure it Out” is a phrase that Mark uses about his life.  He said that he wanted to do things and he had to figure it out to reach the goals he wanted.  In our careers we sometimes think there should be a step by step plan or book on how to reach success.  We all have challenges to overcome in life and our career.  Maybe you realized this already but there isn’t a book or plan for life you have to figure it out.

Mark is also a motivational speaker and has wrote a book.  You may have guessed the title, Figure it out.  We can do a lot more than we may believe we just need to use Mark’s advice.

Have you figured it out yet?

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