Exemplum docet

Exemplum docet is Latin for “the Example Teaches”. The best way to teach is a good example.  Just like when we were in math class in elementary school we would get an example from our teacher and then we got to go to chalkboard and try it out ourselves.  I am coaching my son’s flag football team and I can tell them how to throw the ball till I am blue in the face.  If I show them though they pick it up right away.  Seeing someone throw the ball and place their feet correctly is a great learning experience.

When we get a new employee at work some of the best ways to bring them up to speed is to show them some examples and then let them try it out for themselves.  In software  development some people use the technique called “pair programming” where one developer will sit and watch as the other developer works through the solution.   Then after a few minutes they will switch and the other one works.  This is a great technique for on-boarding new employees.

What are your examples teaching?

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