Embracing new technologies

Today I used Bitbucket for the first time.  I was first exposed to github a year ago at a Startup Weekend.  I thought that was very different from the CVS I was using as the time.  Software Configuration Management is side of software development that can bring out strong opinions.  I first started using Visual Source Safe a long time ago when I wrote PL/SQL code for Oracle database procedures.  My feelings on SCM are like seat-belts, they are always good to have and to use.

I also was exposed to Vagrant to aid in setting up a VM for testing.  I see a lot of potential for this to make a lot of steps easier for development.  With technology changing so fast it is great to try new things.  We might not always use these new technologies but we may see something that helps us down the road.

I understand that there is risk in changing new technologies.  We should always way the cost of new technologies.  Sometimes there is also more risk in using the legacy technologies.  There is a lot of outdated software still in use that has no support.  In the open source world there is the similar problem of the abandoned project.  I remember using open source software that was created and maintained by one person.  That person changed jobs and stop providing bug fixes and that caused us quite a pinch.  Progress isn’t always a straight line but if we don’t explore we never move forward.

What new things will you try today?

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