Do you know your personality?

I spoke yesterday about Ken Kousen’s discussion at CISS.  He talked about Personality profiles in his presentation.  I have taken a few of these in my career.  I remember doing this in an Organizational Behavior class at University of Northern Iowa and when I was interviewing for a sales job out of college.  Ken simplified things down to four main types and he discussed 4 main axis.

The first main axis of personality is the Extroversion versus Introversion.  He correctly pointed out that a lot of people in IT are introverts.  He mentioned that introverts are exhausted after talking to people all day, where extroverts find energy in being around people.  I have heard Dan Miller discsuss this in his podcast 48 Days to the Work you Love podcast.  Ken also pointed out that the real world selects for extroversion.

The second continuum in personality he shared was sensing versus intuition.  Sensing people look for Step by Step instructions to how to complete something.  Where intuitive people are looking for the big picture to understand how things work together before they begin working on the task.

The third area for personalty comparison is Thinking versus Feeling.  Thinking people make decisions based on the facts.  Feeling people need to experience the item in question.  Ken said a thinking person will compare two new technologies features where a feeling person will want to work with both technologies and see things “under the hood”.

The fourth and last comparison is the judging versus perceiving.  Judging people will review information and come to a conclusion then move to the next things.  The perceiving people will look at something and may not make a decision right away.  Ken spoke about people’s desks in this case, he discussed a colleague who always had a neat desk as judging person.

What is your personality?


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