Do you have a sales hat?

Many of us in IT don’t know how to market ourselves very well.  Even if we try to be analytical about all decisions we must understand that persuasion is always important.  I was recently having coffee with a friend who is in Technical Sales.  He reminded me to work on your sales skills in whatever your position in an organization.  I have been in roles where I have been in consulting where you are working with the customer directly and must help the sales representatives find areas of opportunity.  I have also been in an internal IT department.  Even in this role you must still try to bring value to your internal customers.

Sometimes finding the right questions are half the battle.  In learning Scrum development techniques I have learned a little bit about writing User Stories.  This is a great way to tease out some hidden requirements that a customer internal or external may have.   Although they may leave details out as they might think they are not relevant.

You are always selling yourself in any situation.  Understand what your strengths and weaknesses are and play to your strengths.  If you don’t know what your strengths and weaknesses are ask people you work with, ask family and friends.  It may surprise you what people say.   You might think of yourself in a different manner than others around you.

How do you sell yourself?

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