Daily Scrum

One of the most helpful practices in Scrum is the Daily Scrum.  The team simply stands up together and answers the following three questions.

  1. What did you do yesterday?
  2. What will you do today?
  3. Is there anything in your way?

The role of this meeting is not simply to give status updates to your Scrum Master or project manager, it is to commit to action on the tasks you will do today as well as to alert the team to any roadblocks.  By announcing to your teammates what you are working on today you show what you planning to do.  This is a good time for other developers to add any help for you.  For instance, when I was working on a registration process one time and I mentioned this to the team another developer who had worked on that before said how it used to work and few items to be aware of in the code.

This meeting is a stand up meeting to be kept under fifteen minutes.  I was working with another team for awhile through the agile transformation and they would always sit down.  This simple act of sitting down made the meetings drag out.  A conversation of commitments always got sidetracked into what problems they had been having from the last release.  The job of the Scrum Master is to keep these meeting moving.  If someone has a blockage the Scrum Master is their to get them help.

Ideally this doesn’t happen in a conference or meeting room as this will usually lead to longer meetings.  It should be held every day at the same time and place.  The whole idea of the daily scrum doesn’t sound that groundbreaking but it can help your team have great results.


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