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Simple Programmer

Simple Programmer

John Sonmez is someone I stumbled upon while looking for some information for my blog.  He is really creating some good content to help developers think about how their career progresses over at Simple Programmer.  One of his big points is that developers need to market themselves better.

Developers don’t market themselves

I tend to agree that many developers almost avoid all aspects of marketing their talents and skills.  In some of our minds marketing, selling our skills is considered dirty or underhanded.  Spending some time in the sales force myself I understand how difficult it can be, but if we don’t create our own brand and keep our skills sharp our demand will soon suffer.

Developer Career Boost

I saw John had an email course to help software developers boost their career I thought that sounded like an excellent idea.  The course walks you through how you can setup your own blog and begin to add content in your identified area or niche.  As you see what John has done with his own career you can see how he knows what he is talking about.

Establish your niche

John walks you through how you can find your niche that you want to establish for yourself.  He helps us understand how narrowly focused our niche can be.  He shares a few examples of things people have done with using his course.

Show your expertise

Having a blog is a great way a developer can showcase their expertise.  In an interview situation it can sometimes be difficult to show how accomplished you are.  When you have your own blog this is your place to shine and share your talents and some knowledge you have gleaned.

Sell yourself

The most important thing we need to do as software professionals is sell yourself and the value we add.  Yes a lot of us would rather poke our eye out, but to become successful at software development you need to know your strengths and spotlight them.  Do you think anyone else is going to do this for you?

Take John’s advice and build your brand!

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