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Common Engineer Issues

Working as a software engineer for many years I have heard many of these refrains. In fact, I have said many of these too. We seem to get fixated on certain things and complain about them. Growing up in a small town developers are similar to farmers who every time they meet complain about the […]

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How the sausage is made!

There is an age old idiom about like watching how the sausage is made. We may like to eat the sausage but we are not sure we want to know how it is made. Many people enjoy the software that runs their computer or smartphone, but they have no idea how the process works. Today we are […]

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Handling new technologies

There is nothing permanent except change. Heraclitus Growing up with a mother who was an educator she would occasionally tell us about some new approach or technique in education. She was going back to school to get her masters for a few years and was learning a lot about teaching special needs children.  The course […]

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Leading Technical Meetings

Working in information technology for many years I have been part of more meetings than I would like to count. Some very effective and many others that were not. Technical meetings are very similar to regular business meetings with a slight difference. Technology people think most decisions are technical decisions, but we will learn more […]

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How to assess technical talent

Assessing technical talent can be real difficult to do. Some people focus on just a few technical skills. Some companies will have many people interview them. Without a good system in place you are leaving a big decision to chance. I recommend organizations look at three areas to determine whether a technical candidate is a […]

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What is this cloud you talk of?

Everywhere you turn you hear people talking about the cloud. They talk of the many benefits and how it will change business for every company. Working in the technology sector it is an interesting time to see all the companies big and small try to figure out how to make the cloud work for their […]

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What is Agile Architecture?

Agile development was developed from a reaction to the slow pace of the traditional waterfall approach. Companies were not happy spending months of time and lots of money to create nothing but documentation. The agile approaches all stress working software over documentation. For instance the Scrum process tries to find what working software it can […]

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Becoming an Advanced Groovy Developer: Part Two

Becoming an Advanced Groovy Developer from Tom Henricksen The following post is based on my presentation at Springone 2GX, entitled “Becoming an Advanced Groovy Developer”. Mixing Java and Groovy One of the nice things about Groovy is that it doesn’t ask you to give up your investment in your existing Java libraries. As a matter of […]

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