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Ben Brumm

IT Profile: Ben Brumm

I recently have become acquainted with Ben Brumm and his work at Complete IT Professional.  We have been getting to know each other and I thougth he would be a great candidate for an IT Profile. IT Background:   I’ve been working in the IT industry for about 8 years. I started with a role […]

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IT Profile: Erin Rollenhagen

Name: Erin Rollenhagen Current Position:  President at Entrepreneurial Technologies IT Background:  I went to college as an English major wanting to write the next great American novel. After a less-than-inspiring first creative writing class, I scored a summer internship at ATG (a West Des Moines-based software development company) which piqued my interest in programming. I ended up switching […]

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IT Profile: Ken Anderson

Current Position:] Working for URL Integration out of Denver. We don’t have titles @ URL as it’s a small company with a flat organizational structure. I usually find myself doing solution architectures, mentoring developers, doing ESB/middleware work, or Java development. IT Background:  I’m not one of those guys that picked up computers at a young age. Didn’t […]

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IT Profile: Javier Lozano

Current Position: Principal for lozanotek, inc. (5-to-9), and Head of IT Architecture for INTL FCStone (9-to-5) IT Background: I started working with computers at age 10 after we came to the US from Mexico. Since then I focused on desktop applications and a new thing called “the Internet.” I started doing Visual Basic 2 for […]

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IT Profile: Brandon Carlson

Name: Brandon Carlson Current Position:  IT Nerd/Agile Coach at Lean TECHniques, Inc. IT Background:  I started out slinging code on my Vic 20 in 1983 (ok, ok, copying programs out of magazines and hoping they worked). It was clear to me that my future was going to be in technology. I started off my career coding C++ and […]

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IT Leader Profile

I have wanted to profile some IT Leaders for some time.  Now that I have a blog it is a great place to do this.  I thought the best person to profile first is me!  I can work out all the kinks with me and be ready for the next profile. Name: Tom Henricksen Current […]

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