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Finding the right fit for you

Technology teams are not all made of developers. It takes many different types to make technology work and change the way we want. We need a full complement of skills and styles to get everything working together. Let’s discuss a few ways to help you find your right place within the team. Depth We can […]

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Titles, Departments, and other things in IT

I am always amazed talking to people who don’t understand what goes on in Information Technology or IT. Most people who have never worked in this department believe it is just made up of developers and help desk technicians. Of course, they have a few stereotypes about all of us as well. Architecture Architecture is […]

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Handling new technologies

There is nothing permanent except change. Heraclitus Growing up with a mother who was an educator she would occasionally tell us about some new approach or technique in education. She was going back to school to get her masters for a few years and was learning a lot about teaching special needs children.  The course […]

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Know thy Tech!

It is important for people who work with technology professionals to understand the basics of what goes on in the Technology department. I talk to technical sales and technical staffing people quite a bit, most have no experience in technology. It is important for them to understand so they can become a collaborative partner and […]

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