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Do you have a sales hat?

Many of us in IT don’t know how to market ourselves very well.  Even if we try to be analytical about all decisions we must understand that persuasion is always important.  I was recently having coffee with a friend who is in Technical Sales.  He reminded me to work on your sales skills in whatever […]

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Do you have a Mentor?

Do you have a Mentor?  I know some organizations have a formal Mentoring program.  I can see the value of the that in a large organization that has an established culture.  This would be a great way for people coming up through the ranks to learn the corporate process.  I have worked in mostly small […]

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Career Check up

Do you periodically audit your skill-set?  At Dice we are going through an Agile Transformation lately so I have been reading and working on that a lot.  We had two days of training.  Agile Skills are definitely in demand and seem to being growing here in the Central Iowa or Des Moines marketplace. I have been […]

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Decision Tree

For our Dice Leadership Training program we are reading the book Fierce Conversations: Achieving Success at Work & in Life, On Conversation at a Time.  This book tackles working on having the tough conversations we sometimes avoid.  In reading the book I came across something interesting called the Decision Tree. The author Susan Scott tells […]

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Are you scared today?

Do one thing every day that scares you.Eleanor Roosevelt This is great advice for everyone.  I see almost everyday in working with software developers we all have different opinion of what things we can consider.  Perhaps we need to try a new language or learn a new library.  Some where in the future that may come in […]

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Choose wisely

Who are your mentors?  We encounter people in IT that may be worth learning from.  Perhaps some of the people we are learning from may not be technical or in our line of study.  As a software developer I have learned a lot from Database Administrators  Network Engineers and System Administrators.   When you encounter people listen […]

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