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CISS Kenneth Kousen

No Fluff Just Stuff 2013

  This weekend I was one of the attendees at No Fluff Just Stuff’s stop called the Central Iowa Software Symposium or CISS.  I enjoyed many of the speakers.  One session I really enjoyed was entitled Managing your Manager by Kenneth Kousen.  He did a good job of detailing the professional relationships we have in […]

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Grand Central Station Clock

Parkinson’s law

“Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” I am going to guess you have heard this quote before or some variation of it.  We all have had times where we make our selves busier than we need to be.  We can find our time used up on trivial matters that […]

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How to use LinkedIn Part 2: Network

Continuing on where we left off yesterday, Raylee next moved on to one of the biggest parts of LinkedIn, building your network.  No matter what career path you choose you need to build your network.  I have heard from many different sources to build your network before you need it.  Many people get that backward. […]

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How to use LinkedIn Part 3: Groups

This is the 3rd part of our review on Raylee Melton‘s presentation on How to use LinkedIn.  Raylee is a Social Media Expert.  The third and final part of LinkedIn that Raylee presented to Voices In Motion Toastmaster group was LinkedIn Groups.  Many people don’t use LinkedIn groups but they are a wealth of information […]

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How to use LinkedIn Part 1: Connection

How are you using LinkedIn?  Are you using it at all?  Yesterday I was lucky enough to listen to a Social Media expert Raylee Melton of Moth Media.  She gave the members of Voices In Motion a great overview of how to use LinkedIn to our advantage.  She covered three major areas of use for […]

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Are you Engaging your employees?

When you have encounters with management are you  feeling engaged or brushed off?  Are you respected for your talents you bring to the table or are you treated like a 3rd grader and given directions and told to take it to your desk?  I am always on the look out on how we engage our […]

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Good Sunday prep makes a better Monday

How do you spend your Sunday night?  Do you enjoy some good TV?  I will watch a little but I do that sparingly.  I try to use Sunday night and every night to look ahead to what is coming tomorrow and a week ahead.  Sunday night is important time to get anything ready for the […]

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Help I’m stressed out!

What do you do when you are stressed out at work?  I like to get up and walk around.  Perhaps go outside for a walk and clear my head.  Sometimes when you think you should tie yourself to your desk and slog through it, I find just some simply deep breaths  can do the trick. […]

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Do you have a sales hat?

Many of us in IT don’t know how to market ourselves very well.  Even if we try to be analytical about all decisions we must understand that persuasion is always important.  I was recently having coffee with a friend who is in Technical Sales.  He reminded me to work on your sales skills in whatever […]

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New beginnings, familiar faces

Yesterday I began a new job at Zirous here in West Des Moines.  It is new and familiar all at the same time.  I worked at the same company under a different name.  When I got out of Iowa State University I worked at then Cisco Inc for a few years.  Since then the name […]

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