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Do you periodically audit your skill-set?  At Dice we are going through an Agile Transformation lately so I have been reading and working on that a lot.  We had two days of training.  Agile Skills are definitely in demand and seem to being growing here in the Central Iowa or Des Moines marketplace.

I have been a Java developer for a long time and I think I need to audit my skills their.  Our Health Callings site is written in Java code.  In my over ten years in Java development I have found it helpful to review some of the Java basics.  Especially since certain parts of the Java API we rarely touch.  In web development we seem to touch certain parts quite a bit.

When I first started in web development the use of JavaScript was quite basic.  With tools like jQuery we now use JavaScript for more uses.  In my career audit this would definitely be a weakness I need to work on.  Many of the younger developers I have worked with have really embraced jQuery to do more and more.  I remember the first time I used AJAX technologies I was doing consulting for a large hybrid seed corporation.   They had an in-house developed AJAX framework they used extensively.

What areas do you need to work on?

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