Building your Success System

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of speaking at a conference in Palm Springs, California. It was my first time in Palm Springs and I enjoyed it for the short time I was there. I went to one of the keynotes they had at the convention. As an aspiring speaker, I enjoy seeing the professionals who are masters at their craft. Jack Daly is a sales trainer and an excellent speaker.  Watching him speak for a short time I came away with six pages of notes.

Systems and Processes

I think Jack might have mentioned that every good sales person needs systems and processes about one hundred times. It seems so basic to me but if we don’t master the basics we won’t move on to mastery. Jack asked the audience if we think Urban Meyer would send his players out on the field without knowing the plays. Too many businesses and entrepreneurs don’t operate with a process.

I have slowly learned the importance of creating a process for my business. Speaking to groups, coaching, and writing need processes to keep them rolling. If you are looking for a new job or wanting to develop your skills for your  current job you need a process as well. Haphazard work is not going to get you where you want to go. Nobody achieves excellence by luck it takes systematic work over time.

Process Is Primary

As an avid listener to Brian Johnson’s Philosophers Notes he repeatedly shares a similar message, “the process is primary.” He reviews many great books on success and they detail the process that they used to achieve success.  Nobody has a “sometimes I do this” or a quick change process to success. They show up every day and work toward their goal. For instance, Stephen King the prolific writer writes every day of the year and never takes a day off. This is how he has written so many books.

Best Practices

One great way to fine tune your systems and processes is to find others who are successful in your line of work. Learn their systems or what some call “best practices” and try to incorporate them into your life. I became aware of this principle a long time ago when I read Tony Robbin’s book Unlimted Power. In this book, he details how we need to model excellence.

Working in Information Technology field for many years, we try to do the same things. We want to embrace the best practices of the leaders in the field. These principles help you learn from others mistakes and help you create better solutions.

Looking for a quick and easy solution to success is a popular thing to do. If you look at those who really achieve excellence you will find they have developed a system that they use daily, but also will periodically fine-tune. Start to find people in your chosen field that you can emulate and learn from. You may incorporate different practices and slow find your success system.

What is part of your process today?

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