Building Remote Team Culture

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishment toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” Andrew Carnegie

Many organizations speak of their great culture. An empowering culture does not happen by accident. It takes work and time. That is why many more companies talk about it than actually have a great culture.

Remote teams have a culture that is quite dynamic. We must embrace the fact that it may change and flow. Of course, we can’t use this as an excuse to not work on it. We each are responsible for the team culture.

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Keeper of the culture

Culture is not the responsibility of one person. It is a task that each of us must work on. The organization must identify its values and ensure each person is willing to uphold them.

Embrace different opinions

A supportive culture must be willing to embrace other opinions. If move quickly to quell the new employee’s ideas we can instantly crush their spirit. Give them the respect they deserve and listen to their suggestions.

Disagreement is okay

It is important to show new team members how disagreement is okay. We can have an intelligent conversation and not get out of control. Establishing this as a norm can be hard for some people.

As a leader, we need to model good behavior and show how we respond with disagreements. We need to be able to let others speak their mind then make a decision.

Stop Gossip

After the disagreement, we need to not talk badly behind people’s back. This is another norm we need to share and keep discussion out in the open.

Gossip plays no productive part of an organization. It usually leads to other negative behavior. I first heard about this from the Entreleadership podcast. Dave Ramsey’s organization has a no-gossip policy.

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Have their back

The stories of bad leaders seem to be every where. When a leader backs you up some people may be surprised. This is what a good leader will do. You have to have your teams back. Standing behind the decision they make can win you points and dedication.

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