Bounce back from failure with an Unbreakable Mindset!

I have gotten to know Leo Landaverde through Jonathan Schobers’s Maximizer Mastermind group. Over the past couple months we have been on our Tuesday call together. Leo is a real “go getter” and is always ready to jump into the discussion and help other people out.

I had heard bits and pieces of Leo’s story of entrepreneurial success and failure. Then he mentioned he was writing a book, The Unbreakable Mindset, about his whole journey. As a business coach he has walked the walk and created a large business and learned a lot from his failure.

“I am happy to tell you there is life after failure. I am living proof of that. What follows is a journey from having it all, to losing it all, to making it all again.” ( from the Introduction)

Leo begins by detailing his journey from coming back from a huge financial disaster. He had to learn some things about how successful come back from failure and having your mind in a bad place. This book gives us some concrete strategies to develop a strong mind.

Failure is Automatic

We all have our story of failure and disappointments. I have learned a lot from many of my own failures. Leo recalls the racing mind he has a kid and how it would identify the worst case scenario. This happens to many of us and these type of thoughts are not very helpful.

Chicken Little Thinking

Landaverde describes what he calls “Chicken Little Thinking” where we keep thinking about the disasters that are coming into our life in the future. We can’t let these thoughts monopolize our mind. We have over 50,000 thoughts per day and we can curtail them. These thoughts only gain control over us if we let them.

Embrace Cognitive Conformity

In the second part of the book Leo describes strategies to bounce back from defeat. We can use cognitive conformity to help us bounce back. As humans we begin to conform to our surroundings. By hanging around successful people we can learn from their success.

Once Leo lost everything he talks about how he was forced to move back to El Salvador and he was living around people who made only five hundred a month. This caused his mental expectation of income to adjust down. Just a while before he was making fifty grand per month.

Develop Rock Solid Habits

The fourth strategy that Leo writes about is how we need to develop rock solid habits. Each morning we would like to sleep in and not get up for a few hours, but successful people develop habits of ¬†getting up and making things happen. He shares some information from Charles Duhigg’s best-selling book The Power of Habit. “Successful people win daily battles with powerful triggers-habit-rewards sequences.” We essentially need to program our minds how to react.

Know What You Want

“Successful people never lose sight of what they want even when dealing with failure.” Strategy seven is about how successful people know what they want and keep going. Leo discusses more about his struggle he went through when he had to lay off five hundred people.

We need to put our goals down on paper and become clear on what we want to accomplish. Goal-setting is a powerful tool to create a new reality. The career you want and the financial success can happen but you have to put down the goals and get to work.

They Never Let Go

The twelfth and last strategy centers on how successful people never shrink back. “They continue to press on while taking ownership of their failures and move on to conquer the next land. Their faith is not diminished by failure.” We all encounter many obstacles and need to work through our challenges and keep going. I think you would enjoy reading Leo’s new book and it will give you a push in the right direction.


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