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Big is Little and Little is Big

Have you ever marveled at someone who seems to have it all together? A few months ago I took Kent Julian‘s Choose your Best Life Now. Kent is a wonderful speaker and shares simple wisdom about how we can achieve what we want in life. He said something that really made sense to me. “Big is Little and Little is Big,” he spoke to us if we want the big things in our career we need to do the little things right. Once we get those in line we can achieve our big career goals.


Our attitude we bring with us determines so much of how we perceive our day. When you let little things get you down it leads to an overall bad day. I heard a story about Peyton Manning and when he was cut by the Indianapolis Colts he had a big decision to make where to go next in his career. He made his decision to go to the Denver Broncos and he was going work very hard to make this the right decision. The attitude he had was expecting it to be a success not quivering about it might work out or it might not.


Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines timeliness as “the quality or habit of arriving or being ready on time.” I learned the importance of this simple act in college. My offensive line coach would have extra run for us for each minute late we were. It is no shock to you that I was only late to one of his meetings in four years of football. I try to be on time to my appointments. I am not perfect by any means but, I always try to respect others time.  Especially when you are going to work make sure you are on time.


Keeping an eye on the details is a struggle for me. I like to charge ahead full steam and I sometimes miss things I should catch. As I have gained working experience I have realized that it is important to take your time on certain tasks. Make sure to build in some time to reflect on what you have done and the details of the important stuff are complete.


Have you ever met someone who is glancing at their phone constantly? When I am with people like this I feel like I am not important. Our presence is one of our most precious gifts we can give to anyone. The other day I met with Kevin Pokorny who is an expert in Mindfulness. We spoke about how important we need to focus on the people we are with and tune out the distractions. I have tried focusing on being present in situations and it has made a great difference.


Consistent effort is hard to keep up. When you are trying something new but, you don’t see an improvement you can get discouraged. This reminds me of another thing Kent Julian will say, “don’t show up and whine, show up and shine!” We need to bring our best and put in a good effort every day. Even on those days, you would like to sleep in and not go to work. Try your best and I think you will start feeling better.


Focused work on any one thing over time will help us accomplish a lot. We can do more when we eliminate distractions and find the flow we need. When I want to do something creative, like write this blog post, I need to focus on it and find the right place to be. Another writer I know says that noise actually helps them focus. So each of us is different when we have work to do.

What little thing do you do that makes a big difference?

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