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Kevin Nuckolls of Banno

Learn more in a group, User Groups that is!

This week I had the opportunity to go to the local Java users group.  As a Java developer I always enjoy checking out what people are talking about.  Central Iowa Java Users Group or CIJUG as many locals call it has been around for quite a while.  Zach Cox of Pongr spoke first about Metrics. […]

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Start Stop Continue Board

Start Stop Continue

For Health Callings we are currently doing 2 week sprints.  Our transition day is Tuesday so we have our Retro and Planning.  This Tuesday our Agile Coaches Arin Sime and Kent McDonald were out so I led the session myself.  It is not too hard to pass out Sticky Note.  As Arin taught us quite […]

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Fierce Conversations book

Decision Tree

For our Dice Leadership Training program we are reading the book Fierce Conversations: Achieving Success at Work & in Life, On Conversation at a Time.  This book tackles working on having the tough conversations we sometimes avoid.  In reading the book I came across something interesting called the Decision Tree. The author Susan Scott tells […]

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Team Decision making

Next Tim moved into discussing Team Decision making.  Things can get interesting at this point when people get together and try reach a shared decision.  Anyone who has worked in a team knows this.   I think we start to see this as kids when we get together to play a simple game of hide […]

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How are you making Decisions?

Last August I went to the Central Iowa Software Symposium put on by No Fluff Just Stuff.  It was my second time at a No Fluff Just Stuff conference.  It was held in West Des Moines, Iowa at the Sheraton.  These conferences always have a great lineup. One of the speakers I really enjoyed was […]

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Open work spaces

  We recently changed our seating layout to Open work space.  We have found a lot of benefits having the whole team together with no boundaries.  Problems are solved faster when you can turn around and ask questions to the people that know.    There was some initial concern about proximity to other workers.   That has […]

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How do you handle failure?

  I am working with a great group of people in a service project and today we realized what we were planning on doing is not going to work.  Failure happens to everyone but this group is really great.  There was no finger pointing or throwing someone under the bus.  It was great to see […]

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Are you scared today?

Do one thing every day that scares you.Eleanor Roosevelt This is great advice for everyone.  I see almost everyday in working with software developers we all have different opinion of what things we can consider.  Perhaps we need to try a new language or learn a new library.  Some where in the future that may come in […]

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Choose wisely

Choose wisely

Who are your mentors?  We encounter people in IT that may be worth learning from.  Perhaps some of the people we are learning from may not be technical or in our line of study.  As a software developer I have learned a lot from Database Administrators  Network Engineers and System Administrators.   When you encounter people listen […]

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What are you learning today?

Being in Information Technology or IT we need to constantly be looking on the horizon for new software and hardware and how it could serve us better.  Be aware of the FUD or Fear Uncertainty and Doubt some people with little understanding may peddle.  Reading blogs and trade magazines are good ways to keep up to date. […]

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