Are you ready for Spring 4.0?

Are you ready for Spring 4.0?

Back on December 12, 2013 the Spring Foundation released version 4.0 of the Spring Framework.  There are a lot of new features and enhancements available with this new version.  I remember first using the Spring framework back in when I worked at IFMC(now Telligen).  Aaron Oathout and Cory Wandling redesigned the website I was working on with it.  We have talked about this before here.

Spring Boot

One of the new features that I am pretty excited about is the Spring Boot feature.  Spring Boot gives developers a chance to be productive right away and eliminate much of the boilerplate code nobody wants to do.  As many of our Ruby on Rails developer friends have told us how easy it is to create an application in Rails, Spring Boot tries to make it just as easy for Java developers.   If you are ready to try it out they have a guide on the Spring Framework website Building an Application with Spring Boot.

 Java 8

Spring Framework 4.0 was designed with Java 8 in mind and tested with it.  Spring will now support JSR-335 Lambda expressions and JSR-310 Date-Time value types for Spring data binding and formatting.  I have look forward to the later for some time.  Java 8 is not yet released but is pretty close to being final.  Spring 4.0 has full run-time compatibility with Java Developers Kit 8.  Here is what Adrian Colyer the CTO of Pivotal had to say about Java 8 and Spring 4:

Java 8 is a perfect fit for Spring’s programming model. We believe that the combination is very attractive, with Java 8 offering elegant language features and library improvements for immediate use with typical Spring APIs. In fact, Spring Framework 4.0 is the first fully Java 8 enabled application framework in the industry. We went the extra mile to provide everything that is necessary to start developing Spring applications on Java 8 today, even before the production launch of Java 8 in March.


Recently I viewed a webinar entitled Introduction to Spring Framework 4.0.  The presenter was Juergen Hoeller one of the founders of the Spring Framework.  He spoke about some major changes and enhancements in Spring 4.0, including Composable Annotations and Configuration Classes.  Overall in the hour and half presentation Juergen covered a lot of ground including the planned releases for version 4.1.

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