Are you Living of Existing?

Are you Living or Existing?

Are you Living or Existing?

“Isn’t it time you got started on the road to your dream life?  You are not alone in your journey.  This book will help you not only get off the starting line but reach your destination.”
Recently I got an advance copy of a new book that is about to be released called, “Are you Living or Existing? 9 Steps to change your Life” by Kimanzi Constable.  I heard about all the work Kimazi has been doing from Dan Miller’s 48 Days community and online radio show.  I would like to give you a taste of what this book has to offer you by covering the first three steps that Kimanzi begins with.

Identify your dreams

 Kimanzi starts out by telling us how to figure out where we want to go with our life. By first identifying the areas that we want to change we can begin the process.  Then we need to describe the action items to complete the changes.  Next we begin to make these changes gradually in our life.  This can be hard for many of us impatient people, but this is important to remember.  Kimanzi asserts we need to “Enjoy the Journey” as these changes and struggles are part of life and we need enjoy them.
As we travel along the road to this new life we are going to hit some rough patches, he says we should reach out for support.  Kimanzi tells us about the times he had to enlist the support of some close friends.  And don’t forget to look for the light at the end of the tunnel.  Beware of focusing too much on the negative aspects we face as we go through the change.

Getting Fit

In the second chapter Kimanzi discusses if we are not fit how should take action to shape up.  This is a fundamental aspect of success we must be physically fit to perform at a high level.  Similar to his message in the first chapter he reminds us to take it slow and gradually to work yourself into peak condition.  Kimanzi makes an interesting point about how as we become physically fit from our discipline then we can use that same discipline to become emotionally and mentally fit.  One of the last items he discusses is how we must turn off the television and begin reading.  Reading can help us learn how to do any of the changes we want in our life.

Getting rid of the Negative

The third chapter begins with a discussion of the negatives in our life.  Kimanzi starts with talking about some of our negative eating habits.  He writes about how he has a terrible sweet tooth and when lost 132 pounds a few years ago he had to moderate his diet.  The next negative in our life we must deal with is negative people.  He states this will be one of the most difficult things you have to do in your journey.  We want to have people who will reinforce our good choices.  The last negative he reviews are the many distractions from things like television, video games, and other electronics.

I thoroughly enjoyed Kimanzi’s book and think you will to.  I suggest you pick up a copy read it then you can change your life!


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