Are you Engaging your employees?

When you have encounters with management are you  feeling engaged or brushed off?  Are you respected for your talents you bring to the table or are you treated like a 3rd grader and given directions and told to take it to your desk?  I am always on the look out on how we engage our fellow co-workers and others we make work with.  The employees are the life blood of our business, but sometimes I see employees treated like children.

How are you recognizing your fellow employees accomplishments?  Do you congratulate them and let everyone know?  We need to let them know we value what they accomplish and the value they add to the business.

Asking them questions is a good way to see how they think about problems.  Many times I have been impressed by other’s originals approaches to how they attack a issue the face.  Perhaps sharing best practices during a team meeting can help the new people learn different ways to solve challenges.

Soliciting everyone’s ideas on improvement can help them feel they are involved and especially when a suggestion is implemented.   Feeling ownership in one’s work is very valuable to our co-workers.

Listen to your employees and co-workers.  This is a simple way to engage with our co-workers but many times we don’t listen.  We think we have the right solution and we just wait for our turn to talk.  I find when I listen I either see we are both are coming to the same conclusion or perhaps they have some great experience to share.

What ways do you use to engage your co-workers?

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