#AliveIN1-5 – Wrap up

Photo Credit: Rondlarg Photos via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Rondlarg Photos via Compfight cc


 To succeed in life in today’s world, you must have the will and tenacity to finish the job. – Chin-Ning Chu


Today is our wrap up on our program called #AliveIN1-5, we hope you have learned some great tips as we approach 2015.  Maybe last year was good for you and you want to make next year even better.  Let’s imagine that next year at this time what would you like to have accomplished or completed?  Possibly you would like to share it at your Thanksgiving get together in 2015.  Perhaps you want to lose weight, stop smoking or change careers.  Any one of these can be accomplished with setting some goals for next year.

#AliveIN1-5 Recap


In our first session on Alignment we learned how important it is to group our goals together, it aids in completion.  We also learned if we use the shotgun approach we can stretch ourselves too thin.


In our second session we went over making goals attainable like Dave Ramsey does with his Debt Snowball.  We want to build up to the more difficult tasks we have.  If we establish unattainable goals we can will become frustrated and lose motivation.  The last part we touched on is getting help when you need it.


In our third and final session we discovered how to create action around our goals.  We need to make sure we are committed to our goals before moving on.  Next we need to make sure we take the right action and then start out.  Finally we covered how action leads to momentum and momentum leads to achievement.

Help is on its way!

Now it is your chance to choose how you want to work on your goals.  We have options on how we can help you make a great 2015!

  1. 3 Group Coaching Calls where dig deeper on each part of Alignment, Attainable, and Action
  2. Our second option includes a One on One Coaching session ($100 value)
  3. The third option includes three One on One Coaching sessions ($300 value)

This offer ends on December 6th so don’t hesitate.  We will limit the size of the coaching class too.  2015 will be here soon!

This offer is no longer available.

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