#AliveIN1-5 – Starting UP!

In a few days we are going to begin a new program called #AliveIN1-5 to help everyone accomplish more in 2015.  In this past year I have been able to complete a lot of things I have set out to do and now I want help out others do the same.  Before 2014 started I put together plans to make some goals of what I wanted to accomplish.  One thing I wanted to do was to create an eBook from my Agile training and  experience and that is Agile Basics in 60 Minutes.


Sometimes you need help to accomplish  your goals.  I also had a goal of developing my speaking career and for that I needed help from a professional Adam Carroll.  Adam had a Speaker Launchpad event here in Des Moines that helped me learn many professional tips.  Since attending Adam’s conference I have spoken at a few new venues and been a featured keynote speaker.  I also wanted to write a paperback and for that I needed the guidance of author and publisher Anthony Paustian.  I recently produced my first draft and we are starting the editing process.


I learned a lot this year how to accomplish my plans all while working a full time job.  Making great progress on these objectives took some focus and lots of planning.  Three things were very important when I put together my plan for 2014.  In the coming days we are going to talk about 3 different parts of putting together your plan for 2015.
  1. Alignment

  2. Attainable

  3. Action


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