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Photo Credit: Jean-Michel Priaux via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Jean-Michel Priaux via Compfight cc


If you can tune into your purpose and really align with it, setting goals so that your vision is an expression of that purpose, then life flows much more easily.
     Jack Canfield
 When I was in college I got a used 88 Ford Tempo to drive back and fourth to Cedar Falls, Iowa where I was attending University of Northern Iowa.  I was excited to have a newer car that worked after my previous car, a 76 Malibu, died on me.  Winter was cold in Cedar Falls and my new car had a working heater so I was happy, but the expectations were pretty low.  I started to notice how the car would continually pull to one side.  This was annoying, but hey I had a heater, so I went on not thinking much about it.


After a few months I began to notice the tires were wearing out on this car.  I decided to have it looked at by a mechanic and he mentioned the tires needed to be aligned.  So after a few days I got my car back I thought it was fixed.  It seemed a little better driving it around town, but on my next long trip I noticed there were still issues.  I went to a mechanic back in my hometown and he looked it over.  He said that he thought this car had been in a major front end collision and the frame of the car was bent.  Fixing this could be really difficult and expensive.


Importance of Alignment

Through this experience I learned how important alignment is to an automobile.  And over the course of the last year I began to understand how alignment is important in reaching goals.  Many of my goals were around creating new content and I learned how important it was to enlist help of others.  Putting together my eBook took help from others to proofread, edit and design a cover.  I quickly understood my limitations and how you can help save time by enlisting professional help.  Working as a software developer for fifteen years I know I am not a graphic designer, so asking someone to design my cover was an easy decision.


Shotgun approach = wasted time

In the past couple years I have put together long lists of goals and hoped I could accomplish all of them.  Over the course of the year I would make little progress and become discouraged.  Frustration set in midway through the year and I would give up on those goals.  Looking back on my approach of setting goals I would call it a shotgun approach.  Spraying goals in various areas hoping to make things happen.  Of course that didn’t work out and I modified my approach to focus and align the goals I wanted to achieve.  This change of finding focus helped me achieve goals I set over the course of the year.


Action Item:

I have put together a worksheet to help you with your alignment with your 2015 goals.

If you have questions please put them in the comment section and I can help you out.


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