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Photo Credit: Jeff S. PhotoArt via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Jeff S. PhotoArt via Compfight cc

Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.
Thomas Jefferson
 We can become trapped by our fears and our over analysis of how we can move forward.  In the 1991 comedy movie entitled “What about Bob?”  Bill Murray’s character “Bob Wiley” has severe anxiety about many things in his life.  His life is changed by meeting a successful psychotherapist “Dr. Leo Marvin” who is brilliantly played by Richard Dreyfuss.  This scene from early in the movie where Bob learns from Dr. Marvin about his new book entitled “Baby Steps”.

 Watching Bill Murray here is a lot of fun.  His character in this movie has all sorts of issues that play to Bill’s bombastic strength.  We can be like Bob Wiley and be concerned with our next step.  We want all the steps identified before we can start working on our objective.

Do you really want to achieve this?

One thing that may be holding you back is some internal resistance to completing this goal.  As you go through your goals for 2015 you should be asking this question for each one.  Don’t try to do something your not fully committed to, you won’t complete it and it will get you discouraged.  If you feel you want to achieve this, then it is time to identify some action steps and start.  You don’t need to plan out every detail to complete something.  Perhaps just the first few steps and understand your plans may change.

Take the right action

As an action-oriented person I am usually put a brief plan together and jump in.  This approach isn’t for some who are more cautious and I respect that.  Just remember you have to start sometime, so I choose to get going knowing that we may need to re-adjust our course.  In something I learned from Agile software development, they have a Daily Scurm meeting where everyone stands up and tells what they are doing.  This is a good spot for the group to understand where you are and offer any advice to help you out.  It helps ensure the team is taking the right action and not falling down a rabbit hole.

Action Builds Momentum

Similar to starting a row of dominos action can start our momentum out so we can keep things rolling.  A few years ago I trained for the Dam to Dam race here in Des Moines.  A friend of mine and I decided we would train together running every Saturday.  Having someone to hold me accountable was helpful and kept me running a few times during the week so I could handle the long run every Saturday.

Momentum Leads to Achievement

 We kept our momentum going through the twelve weeks and completed the Dam to Dam 12.2 miles.  The momentum and accountability helped keep me going as I got sore many times and thought about not running many times.  To add to the sense of achievement the Dam to Dam finishers get a medal.  My goal was to complete the race and I completed that along with my running partner.  During the race he had some problems and I told I a would stay with him walking a bit till he felt better.

Action Item:

I have put together a worksheet to help you with putting Action in your 2015 goals .

If you have questions please put them in the comment section and I can help you out.


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