Agile accomplishments

After trying to do an Agile transformation for a few months we had a management shake up at Dice.  Bennett Smith came in as CTO, he was previously at Orbitz.  He was familiar with Agile development and knew of its strengths.  Scott Stogdill again tried to make changes to our development process.  He got approval for consulting help from Lithespeed.  I met a few of the Lithespeed folks at Scrum Master training.  I recommended them to Scott along with some other Agile consultants I knew.

Lithespeed began by training the Dice team and engaged the executives with some briefings about how the process should work.  This time the Agile adoption took a better hold with Scott and Bennett shepherding the process through the proper channels.  An interesting thing that happened with the Dice team once they took down the cube walls and pushed the desks together they started to collaborate more.  This was a suggestion of Arin Sime and Kent McDonald some of the Agile consultants that helped transform the software development.

The team I worked on for and teams went through similar transformations after the group.  We had some resistance to the removing of the cube walls, but were able to work through this.  The training that Ken and Arin guided us through was very informative and built on some of the groundwork Amanda had shared with us in our first try.  I know our HealthCallings team saw a lot of valuble progress as we made the changes and were able to have a better idea of how much work we could accomplish during the sprints.

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