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Tom Henricksen

Who am I?

I’m Tom Henricksen from West Des Moines, Iowa.  For the past fifteen years Information Technology has been both my career and hobby.  Currently I work as a Development Services Manager at Zirous.

Why am I an IT Career Coach?

My role includes reviewing resumes and social profiles as well as interviewing potential candidates.  This gives me an inside track on helping Information Technology candidates find the right fit, plan a great career, or take their current career to a higher level.

It’s not enough to be an IT professional with great technical skills.  It’s also important to be able to showcase your talent. Proper and effective communication with key stakeholders will help you articulate your value to an organization. My goal is to work with you to develop and hone these skills allowing you to achieve your professional IT goals.  Engaging MyITCareerCoach.com will show you how making some changes in your approach will increase your success.

Tom has been helpful to me during my career in several ways. We worked together for several years when I was starting out in my career. While working with Tom, I quickly discovered that he could be a go-to person for technical questions. As I progressed in my career & considered my next moves, I discussed my options with Tom to get his perspective. Getting his advice helped me to take things into consideration that I had not thought of. I value his opinion because he looks at situations from different angles & will draw from his years of experience to consider the benefit & downside of the options.    from Shane McGraw Java Developer at Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance

As a certified Scrum Master I have lead a development team through an Agile transformation.  An Agile transformation will result in the delivery of faster results and increased communication enhancing the effectiveness of your IT Team.

Why you need me!

My services help you move forward to create or enhance the IT career you desire.  Many people don’t realize that a promising career in Information Technology is closer than they think.  Together we lay out a game-plan that will get you on your way to a new career in IT or move you to a higher level in your current career.   Don’t let your career happen, take steps to improve it!  Lets create a plan today!


For Individuals

  • Interview skills for the IT Market
  • Focused IT career goals
  • Social media profiles for IT professionals
  • Career transitions for IT professionals

For Businesses

  • IT Team building
  • Agile transitions and training
  • IT candidate assessments

My services can be engaged through one-on-one coaching, small group workshops, large group seminars, and corporate consulting.  

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