5 tips for collaborative teams

When it all boils down, it’s about embracing each others’ stories and maybe even finding that synergy to collaborate for the common good.
Dhani Jones

Some things we don’t know until we see it. Explaining what makes a great collaborative team can be hard for some. Depending on your groups and teams you have been on. Let’s start with a few questions to get you thinking. Think of a group that you worked with that you feel collaborated well.

Who was on that team?

What did they do to support each other?

Did they face any challenges?

How did you work through them?

In your answers, you probably have some tidbits to add and some that may match some of the points I will share too. Chances are you have a good start of what makes collaborative teams work well.

Group Goals First

If you are an NBA fan currently, you would be aware of the great season that Russell Westbrook is having. His statistics are pointing to how great he is. Although some people have pointed out that this is a contract year for him. Meaning his contract is up and he wants to play well to show he is worth a big payday! His goal is not necessarily winning but more about him. We want to be careful when we work with people like this.

On great teams, you have people who have all bought into a goal that is for the team first. They understand for the team to prosper they can’t always be first.

Forgive Quickly

When someone makes a mistake we need to learn to how to not hold grudges and forgive them. I am a high D on the DISC scale. For some people, I move too quickly and ruffle feathers. I have gotten off on the wrong foot with a few people and never recovered. I have tried to learn from that but, still, some may hold on too long.

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Most times something happens people are not being malicious. Just move on and learn from it. Understand how each of us has a different style.

Share Credit

Some people believe they have all the good ideas. That can be a bit frustrating for others on the team. It is much better to work with people who share the credit. What type of team member are you? I know I have not always done a good job of this. Next time someone help you out make sure to recognize that help.

Build Ideas

Going along with sharing credit when can help each other by building on others ideas. What can be done to improve on this? What can we add to this? Or is there something we could take away? When we focus on finding great ideas instead of worrying about getting credit better things can happen.

Focus on “Win-Win”

I am guessing you may have known some of these while a few might have been new to you. Let’s close up with a few review questions. This is a great way for you to make sure the points are clear.

How will you change your interactions with your team?

What is one new thing you will try to do differently so you can collaborate better?

Is there something you are going to stop doing?


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