4 Questions for the Technical Recruiter

Photo Credit: Job Meeting via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Job Meeting via Compfight cc

This week we had the chance to interview Des Moines Technical Recruiter Adam Viet from Beacon Hill Staffing Group. He blogs at The Des Moines Recruiter.

1. What steps should a candidate take before contacting a recruiter?

A candidate that is actively searching for a new opportunity and would like to use a recruiter to assist in the process should do the following:
1. Have your resume updated with your most recent role and experience.
2. Decide the top 3 things you are looking for in a new role.
3. Decide your exact criteria. Would you be ok with a temp role, or are you only looking for full time? What is your low-point salary wise? What size(small, medium, or large) of company are you wanting to work at? There are plenty more to this, so please contact me if you would like to discuss.
4. Be ready to be engaged. While the recruiter does do most of the leg work, they will need to chat with you quite often. Set the precedence on what mode it the best to contact you on. Only email, text? Or is a phone call ok?

2. Why did you get into Technical Recruiting?

To be honest, Technical Recruiting found me. I was in the insurance industry and was looking for something to expand my knowledge and push my professional boundaries, so I had my resume online. A local company found me and hired me as a recruiter and I haven’t looked back. I love meeting and helping new people, so this is the perfect job for me!

3. How do you help get your candidates ready for an interview?

Getting a candidate ready for an interview is one of the most important tasks that a recruiter is responsible for. Every client and every manager I work with is different in their approach to an interview. I try to have a good enough relationship with the managers I work with, to know the typical format they follow during the interview. I try to find the best skills to highlight on the candidates resume and coach them to talk about those as much as possible! In the end, I can coach the candidate all I want, but if the technical background isn’t there, it will be very unlikely that the candidate will get the offer.

4. What are the top three things every great resume has?

1. Every great resume is easy to read. The reader can flow right through without wondering, “Where do I go next?” or “How did I get to this?”

2. Another aspect of a resume that can make it great is the use of buzz words. Buzz words are words that are used in the job description that are important to the actual role. These vary with different jobs and sometimes they are harder to find than others.

3. Leaves something to be desired. If you’ve had one job or 10 jobs, you can’t(and shouldn’t) type out everything you have done in every role. First off, that would be one LONG resume! Secondly, you want to the manager that reads your resume to want to hear more detail, which in turn would require him to set up an interview. Now there is a fine line to walk between too much information and not enough information and I would be happy to help with that.

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