Completing a project

What do we do to wrap up the project? Winding a project down properly takes some time and planning. We need to make sure we have met the customer’s goals. If we have been communicating with the stakeholders through the whole process we should know where we are and what completion looks like. The final […]

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Project Management Skills

Project management requires various skills to excel at. We will discuss some of the crucial ones here. Some of these you may be lacking in, but with a little work you can sharpen your skills. Communication The skill of communication is used by nearly everyone on the planet daily. Managing a project to meet tight […]

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Running a project

Projects don’t run themselves. I know I have tried that. Early in my career before I understood project management and before I had heard of the term, I worked with a few developers to try to complete projects. There was three of us and we made a lot of assumptions of what we needed to […]

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Building a project

Building a project takes many different tasks. Each of them is important to getting the project done right. Estimation is an inexact science that we all must try. Then we need to understand the dependencies and the duration of each task. We finish with talking about how important good milestones are and what the critical path […]

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Conflict the good and the bad

Working with people in professional settings for even a short time and eventually, there will be conflict. Personal life can be no different either. As the middle child of three boys, there was no absence of conflict in our house growing up. Unfortunately, as one could imagine with three boys, the conflict could sometimes become […]

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